Our history


Outox International is a young and dynamic company which produces, distributes and markets worldwide a beverage with the promise product is extremely strong : Outox an anti hangover drink.

It also owns all of the elements related to the product (name, brand and formula, know-how).

the goal of Outox International is to provide a useful drink in creating a new market segment in the world of soft drinks: The Safety Drink ®.


They are scientists who have discovered the formula to accelerate the natural elimination of alcohol in the human body.

During visits in hospital, accompanying doctors, including emergency room, they saw the suffering and psychological distress of patients in a state of alcoholism worsened. Then, they found that emergency physicians were able to put patients in a state of disillusionment with infusions of high doses of fructose.

How to accelerate the natural process of elimination of alcohol in the blood? How to meet the needs of Epicurean and hedonistic? How to adapt the technique to hospital stresses of everyday life?

Such is the challenge they encountered. Attentive to human needs, they immediately had the desire to create a product of public utility, fun to drink as a soda, which could be found everywhere and would have no side effect.